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Ken Cooper is a native born Oregonian. He and his wife Judie have lived in Klamath Falls, Oregon since 1973 and raised four boys, Shawn, Kevin, Kenny, and Chad. An artist at heart, Ken enjoyed painting wildlife in oils, then advanced to carving wildlife in wood. Ken's first trip to Alaska was in 1987 where he was intrigued with antler carving. Since then, Ken has perfected the art of carving wildlife out of all the North American antler animals. Ken is an artist whose carvings show meticulous detail, accuracy, and dimension.

Ken's carvings are custom fit and mounted into their own unique base carved from hardwood, integrating the carving and base into one beautiful, individual piece of art. Ken carves his wildlife in positions that compliment the wide variety of antler shapes. His knowledge of wildlife anatomy is reflected in each majestic pose.

Ken carves his wildlife in antlers that are shed naturally each year by the animal. His artistic skill and patience is reflected in his work and each carving is truly a “one of a kind” piece of art.

Kenneth D. Cooper
3519 Coronado Way
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

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