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"Screaming Eagle III"
Wall mount
23-1/4" L x 11-1/4" H x 12-1/5" D
Material: Moose Antler

"The High Ground"
Gyr Falcon
Size: 21-1/2" L x 15-1/2" H
Materials: Moose antler with a myrtlewood base

"Grizzly in the Devil's Club"
Grizzly Bear
Size: 21" L x 9-1/2" H
Material: Moose antler

Goat, Grizzly, Wolf
Size: 27-1/4" H x 18-1/4" W
Materials: Moose antler with a myrtlewood base

Bald Eagle
Wood carving of a life size Bald Eagle

Display Cage Size: 6'2" long, by 4'8" high, by 3'2" wide
This eagle is wing mounted on Mountain Mahogany and enclosed in a mahogany and acrylic plexiglass cage. This Bald Eagle was Ken’s first carving. Ken studied a Bald Eagle shot January 1986 at Eagle Ridge on Klamath Lake. He measured, photographed, and diagrammed all aspects of the bird, and then taught himself the art of carving.